About Us

Breaking BarrierZ is a collection of diverse and accomplished women and men who are all committed to leveling the playing field in life. We’re business leaders, trailblazers in sport, educators, social justice pioneers, legal experts, authors, subject matter experts, thought leaders, and creators of relatable, reliable,& ground-breaking educational training and content.

individuals with the necessary tools, support, and vital skills to navigate today's modern and dynamic workplace
real change – we believe it starts with conversation and continues with education to stem action
expectations of a successful workforce while encouraging and challenging others to become agents for positive change

We are dedicated to producing content that cultivates a culture of respect, inclusivity, access, and engagement in the multigenerational modern workplace. Our Employee Training and Development platform seeks to re-define professionalism in the workplace and sets the standard for Human Resources training throughout the nation. 

Our Mission

“To educate and empower individuals of any background and line of business with the essential skills to navigate a modern, dynamic workplace”

Our mission extends beyond mere compliance – we’re passionate about sparking meaningful conversations and driving and reinforcing lasting cultural and organizational change.

Our Vision

“To inspire business culture that calls employees and leaders to utilize their skills and platform for positive change”

Our content is relatable and current — our panel discussions are authentic and inclusive. Our material is relevant, educational and non-punitive.

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